About me

your web designer, Writer and app developer

My story

I'm Kingsley, a reborn Christian and a humble gentle man. I started designing websites in 2016 soon after leaving the university. I had to add some sustainable skill-set to my resume so I mastered DIGITAL MARKETING. In doing that, I learned how to become a versatile writer. I've worked with clients in the US, UK and around Africa.
My work has been featured on Howler Magazine, Forge, Vortex, Technewstoday and a host of other top websites.
My life is a journey and I'm yet to get to the destination I envisioned. Maybe you were born to help me along. Well, I like to help people meet their business needs with regards to gaining an online presence for their brand. Beyond being an astute web developer, writer and SEO specialist, I know how to build Android and IOS apps.

Hey, whether we work together or not, here's some advice for you: life's good, it's mean't to be enjoyed not endured. Serve your God faithfully, stay healthy, be nice to people and keep adding value to your world. And if you're bored, read my blog.
Now, I'm off to solve some problems.
"Kingsley, your timeliness and efficient delivery of outstanding content for Vortex is quite commendable. We can't wait to send more work your way."
Kamila Okulska
Content strategist at Vortex